• ISGA Speedgolf World Records

    Pinnacle performances in the sport of Speedgolf.

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    Men's 18-hole


    Scott Dawley - 65 in 42:15 = 107:15

    United States Speedgolf Open | Rd 1

    September 5th, 2021 | Springfield, MO

    Horton Smith Golf Course


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    Women's 18-hole


    Liz McKinnon - 72 in 49:25 = 121:25

    NZ Age Group Championships

    September 20th, 2020 | Taupo, NZ

    Tauhara Golf Course


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    Senior (55+)

    18-hole Record

    John Farron - 76 in 51:02 = 127:02

    Carterton Golf Club Speedgolf Open

    February 4th, 2024 | Carterton, NZ

    Carterton Golf Course

  • ISGA Certification Standards



    Sanctioned tournaments are governed by National Speedgolf Associations and conducted according to the Official Rules.


    Golf Course

    Sanctioned courses meet a set of minimum requirements like course par, rating, slope, tee length, total distance.



    Scorekeepers are positioned to attest every stroke made by a player during a stipulated round.



    Documented timekeeping methods ensure accuracy, redundancy, and reliability.

  • 2022 Official Rules of Speedgolf

    Local Rules may be established

    Official Rules of Speedgolf
  • Minimum Course Standards

    effective January 1, 2022

    Par 70

    18-hole Course Par

    4.0 mi. / 6.4 km.

    Total Course Distance

    0 yds./m.

    Elevation Gain

    6,000 yds. / 5,486 m.

    Men's Tee Length

    5,600 yds / 5,120 m.

    Senior Tee Length

    5,100 yds / 4,663 m.

    Women's Tee Length

  • What is special about an Official Speedgolf World Record?

    Official Speedgolf World Record certification by the International Speedgolf Alliance (ISGA) signifies the highest distinction within our global sporting community.


    Though similar in some respects, ISGA rules, standards, and procedures for certification are separate and distinct from that of, and not associated in any way with Guinness World Records. Unofficial world record performances that occur outside of sanctioned play or fail to meet current standards for certification will not be considered by the ISGA.


    Are ISGA Official Speedgolf World Records recognized by Guinness World Records?

    A Speedgolf World Record is not the same thing as a Guinness World Record, and it's important to understand those two titles cannot be used interchangeably.


    Appropriate titles here include:

    -Speedgolf World Record
    -Speedgolf World Record Holder

    and refer specifically to the Speedgolf performance/competitor with the lowest Speedgolf Score in official competition.


    Additional sub-distinctions may from time to time be approved and recognized by the ISGA in a similar manner:

    -Speedgolf World Record for "sub-distinction" (i.e. - low 36 hole total)
    -Speedgolf World Record Holder for "sub-distinction" (i.e - fastest round time)

  • Official World Record Submission Form

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