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  • Why Offer Speedgolf?


    As the speed of life continues to accelerate, Speedgolf represents a straightforward and logical opportunity to integrate sport, fitness and fun into the on-course experience. Golf course operators should capitalize on this change of pace.


    Speedgolf is a non-disruptive format for active people who want to wake up early, play fast, get fit, and move on with their busy day. Golf courses who make room for faster play will benefit greatly in the


    Speedgolf proves that golf doesn't have to take forever. It's not uppity, expensive, or exclusive. It's an exhilarating golf experience that people of all ages, skill levels, and fitness profiles will enjoy.

  • Speedgolf Best Practices 2022

    Our most successful courses follow 5 basic guidelines, and get these results.

    1. Initial Offer

    Choose 1 morning per week and block off the first 10 minutes for Speedgolf play. Or, send Speedgolfers off the back 9. Expand to multiple days as needed.

    2. Price Point

    Similar to a Crossfit workout or Bootcamp session, Speedgolfers are willing to pay around $20 for 60 minutes of activity.

    3. Time of Day

    Send Speedgolfers out in front of regular groups. Or off the back 9. Alternatively, Speedgolfers can play during the last hour of daylight, when there are fewer traditional golfers on the front 9.

    4. Group Size

    Set a maximum of 12 Speedgolfers per morning, playing in groups of 2 or 3.

    5. Course Care

    Speedgolfers agree to abide by the rules & etiquette of traditional golf. Fix divots and ball marks, rake bunkers, no spikes, ready golf, avoid maintenance crew, safety first.

    Off-course Revenue Opportunities

    Food & beverage. Golf shop merchandise. Equipment sales. Golf lessons. Club memberships. Events.

    Year 1 Earnings Expectation

    $5,000 - $10,000

    one morning per week + off-course revenue

    Annual Earnings Potential

    $50,000 - $100,000

    on-course and off-course

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