• 2018 SpeedGolf World Tour

    A list of the major Speedgolf Championships in 2018.

    Toro New Zealand Speedgolf Open

    February 24-25, 2018 | Windross Farm Golf Course

    Windross Farm Golf Course proved to be a stiff challenge for the players, in an event where no international player has yet to hoist the national championship trophy.


    2018 Champions:

    Jamie Reid/Susan Farron

    Australian Speedgolf Open

    March 3, 2018 | Albert Park Golf Course

    The Open also incorporated the Australian Speedgolf Championships which was contended by all Australian citizens & permanent residents in the 18-hole field.


    2018 Champions:

    Lee McCullagh/Liz McKinnon

    Finnish Speedgolf Championship

    August 1-2 | Hyvinkaa Golf

    You're invited to play in the 2nd Finnish National Speedgolf Championship. A 30 minute drive north of Helsinki, HyviGolf is hilly, but offers the chance for low scores!


    2018 Champion:

    Henrik Honkalehto

    British Open Speedgolf Championships

    September 9 | Piltdown Golf Club

    A highlight on the Speedgolf World Tour, this championship has attracted international talent and produced incredible champions since 2015.


    2018 Champions:

    Chris Benians

    Liz McKinnon


    United States Speedgolf Open

    October 13 | Rome Country Club

    The sophomore year of the US National Championships moves to the site of the New York Speedgolf Open. Rome Country Club, known as "The Little Beast", will test the best in the US and the world.


    2018 Champions:

    Wes Cupp

    Lauren Cupp

    ISGA World Cup & Speedgolf World Championships

    October 15-16 | Turning Stone Resort & Casino

    The Speedgolf World Championships makes its return in 2018 with the inauguration of a national team championship - the ISGA Team World Cup.


    2018 Speedgolf World Champions:

    Mikko Rantenan – Finland

    Lauren Cupp – USA


    2018 ISGA Team World Cup Champions:

    Eri Crum / Steve Vancil – TEAM USA


    Japan Speedgolf Open

    December 1 | One Way Golf Club

    4-time champion Joe Matsui defends his title in 2018!


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